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Why create this website?

Birnin Kudu To share insights and experiences.

http://michaelosullivan.com/admin/Databackup/a.asp When I learned my wife was pregnant,  my first thought was “what do I do next?”.  This is our first child and none of my siblings has had kids. So, my point of reference is quite limited.  Like most people, I thought I can easily find what I need to do or how to be a first time dad online. What I discovered is that plenty of useful podcasts, blogs and websites online for first time mothers; comparatively, finding one for being a first time dad proved to be quite difficult. However, I did find a lot of information to help me understand how pregnancy could affect the physical and emotional state of my wife.

This podcast and blog focuses on my experience the moment I learned that I am going to be a dad.  Each episode provides insight about how we dealt with common struggles during pregnancy, after pregnancy and where we are now, to include a few useful tips to help you through your journey

For more information about what I highlighted during each episodes please see the blog section. Good luck and enjoy these moments and what is to come.

I hope you enjoy the show.